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Bed Bug Exterminator. At our goal is to get you the bed bug exterminator you need as fast and affordably as possible.

We specialize in quick bed bug removal quotes, and have provide a lot of free information on bed bugs. We have a fast bed bug exterminator quote process, making killing and removing bed bugs simple, safe and easy.

Bed Bug Exterminator 911 offers a fast, safe & affordable treatment for removing bed bugs from your home - starting at just $425. Contact us at (215) 999-2001 to get rid of your bed bug infestation now.

Bed Bug Exterminator. Does it really take a professional to find and remove bed bugs? Can't you check your bed for yourself, and use any number of home remedies to take care of the problem?

You could. But you don't want to, mostly because bed bugs are so hard to find. In addition, home remedies can only control the infestation, instead of ending it entirely.

Bed Bug Commonly Asked Questions:

How Much Does A Bed Bug Exterminator Cost?

This is usually the first question on a person's mind when they discover the bed bug infestation or see bed bug bites on themselves or family members.

In general, the main factor is how many bedrooms the home or apartment has. We work with bed bugs exterminators that start at only $425 - which includes:

  • Initial Treatment
  • 7-10 Fay Follow-Up Treatment
  • Full 90 Day Warranty

Are Bed Bugs Are Unsanitary?

Bed Bugs Bites Belly

You can usually tell you have them by the disgusting signs they leave behind.

Shed skins and exoskeletons. Fecal matter in your bed. But you'll have to check closely. You'll usually find the signs in the hidden places between your mattress and box springs, not directly on your sheets. Sometimes you may see spots on the corners of your sheets, but you'll have to go looking.

Meanwhile, the bites they leave on your body can bleed. Sleep with a bleeding bed bug bite in a bed full of bed bug feces, and you're looking at health problems waiting to happen, including skin infections.

Some people even have severe allergic reactions to their bites. This includes reactions which can cause them to go into anaphylactic shock.

The EPA notes bed bugs can have severe mental health effects on the people who are forced to live with them. They can contribute to depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Are Bed Bugs Hard To Find?

Bed Bugs Are Sneaky

They hide in box springs, headboards, and frames. You'll find them in your bedside table or in other furniture that's near the bed. You'll also find them in couches, or in easy chairs. You may even find some tucked into the heads of screws.

They don't hide out in the open. They tend to tuck themselves away in spots where it's all but impossible to see them. They're nocturnal, so sometimes they'll hide when the lights are on, or will flee when you shine a flashlight on them.

This isn't always true... they'll come out into the light for a meal, or when their hosts sleep in the daytime. But it's true enough that you're unlikely to see bed bugs crawling around in the open unless you've got a massive infestation.

They rarely leave their signs where you can spot them right away. For example, fecal matter is usually in the seams of a mattress or behind a headboard, not right out on the sheets where you sleep. Each drop of fecal matter is usually no bigger than a period, though these leavings do tend to appear in clusters.

Even a fully grown bed bug is only about as large as an apple seed. Unless they've fed very recently, they're small and flat, about the width of a credit card.

Professionals have tools that can look into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs are most likely to be. While you might have seen evidence that they're around, only a professional can truly confirm that they're present.

Can Anyone Get Bed Bugs?

Socio-economic class isn't a factor. Neither are your housekeeping skills.

Bed bugs are experts at finding their ways into new feeding grounds. If you eat out, go to the movies, or travel then you run the risks of bringing some home. They can even show up at offices, and frequently do. They travel on bags and in books.

They'll rarely try to hitch a ride on your person, but they'll try to hide just about everywhere else so they can get into your home.

All you can do is check for them before you settle in to stay at a hotel and after you leave. And even then, you might miss something.

Don't waste time assuming bed bugs can't happen to you.

Do Bed Bugs Reproduce Fast?

Home remedy treatments can cut the presence of bed bugs in the short term. But they'll usually be back.

This is because it only takes one very resilient, pregnant female to repopulate your entire home. Bed bugs only need 35 days to mature after they hatch.

Within three months, you could have 300 to 500 adult bed bugs right back in your bedroom.

Professional remedies are meant to kill every single bed bug, nymphs, and their eggs. This stops the cycle and ensures the problem doesn't come back.

Are Bed Bugs Difficult To Kill?

Kill Bed Bugs

Imagine a bug that's even more hearty than a cockroach, and you've got yourself a bed bug. These creatures can go a whole year without indulging in a single meal.

Think you'll get rid of them just by washing your bedding? Think again. They can survive any temperature between freezing and 122F. The high heat setting can help keep populations under control, but they won't get rid of bed bugs entirely.

Vacuuming can also help, but you'll need to get your baseboards, behind your headboard, and into your mattress, frame, and furniture to make a significant impact. You'd need to do all of these things regularly to have any impact at all, as missing even one bug ensures the problem will come right back.

They're evolving to resist most over-the-counter pesticides. Most home remedies, such as mothballs, don't have any impact on bed bugs at all. Rubbing alcohol, another common home remedy, only gets rid of about half of your infestation. And foggers are more likely to make you and your family sick than they are to kill bed bugs.

Professional treatment prevents all these problems. They get rid of the total bed bug infestation while protecting the health of your family members and pets. Why does it take a professional? Because we've got access to highly-regulated pest-control products most homeowners can't get on their own, as well as the training to use them safely and effectively.

What City Has The Most Bed Bug Infestations?

According to Terminix, Philadelphia is the most bed-bug-infested city in the country.

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