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Bed Bug Exterminator Cost

At our offices we always receive the question “What does a bed bug exterminator cost”? 

I will give you our procedures and costs… as well as alternatives. I always send clients and bed bug sufferers to this page and website. It allows you to find the cost you may incur. In all honestly… I don’t always recommend a bed bug exterminator for everyone. Depending on the severity of the problem it can cost you upward of $5,000+

So let’s get down to the numbers…

Subside Bed Bug Exterminator Cost With Complimentary Sample

The Process and Costs

1 – Bed Bug Exterminator Gives Estimated Quote To Do Inspection

Many bed bug exterminators have different packages. Some will charge for the consultation and trip to your home or place of business. While others fit it into the package. The average pricing I have seen for consultations and visits is usually from $250 to $500+ (on average).

This fee is really not negotiable, simply because it costs bed bug exterminators time and money to drive out and consult with you. So I wouldn’t recommend skimping on the consultation. If you are on a budget… and not willing to invest in the cost it takes to do a full bed bug inspection. Rather then leave clients hopeless without a solution, I recommend a great non pesticide solution which bed bug professionals have been using. Take a look at Bed Bug Bully… it kills bed bugs and prevents them from coming back.

2- Inspection/Consultation (Process and Time)

This could take up to an hour to 6 hours depending on the size of the problem. Experience exterminators will be more thorough and sometimes much quicker. Since they know all the in’s and out’s of where bed bugs crawl around. Their experience will cut the cost for you.

So when most bed bug professionals go thru an inspection for bed bugs. They will literally check some of the most popular locations and then dig deeper. I have no problem sharing the procedures to help our readers and clients see if they have bed bugs. Because it will make a bed bug exterminators job that much easier… and in the long run… it’s about helping you get rid of bed bugs.

Place Bed Bug Exterminators Look

  • Mattress
  • Box Spring
  • Dresser Drawers (Take out look under drawer)
  • Carpeting (pull up corners of carpets)
  • Linens and Sheets
  • Towels
  • Picture Frames
  • Bed Stands
  • Closet Clothing

 3 – Extermination

Now the extermination phase is a bit more costly. This is due to the chemicals professionals use and the labor involved.

Now it’s important to understand most bed bug exterminators will ask clients to evacuate the premises. This is usually because of the pesticides they are using. I for one prefer not to evacuate a home and the only reason some top bed bug exterminators can get away with it is simply because they are using a non-pesticide solution to kill bed bugs.

The costs for extermination can be $500 to $1000 per room (for labor and chemicals)

The other things you will have to consider from the company is….

  • Will you have to evacuate?
  • Will you have to throw away valuables?
  • How long will you be out of your home?

Not all bed bug exterminators will make you evacuate or throw away valuables, but their are some still using old technology and science to kill bed bugs. This means… not only are they going to kill bed bugs… they will destroy your home and furniture as well.

In essence if you are concerned with the costs… honestly, I would just recommend reading up about a non pesticide bed bug product that was released to public. The product was only available to large pest companies, then re-licensed and now available to pest companies and bed bug sufferers.

For more information, check out what bed bug exterminators are using and save yourself a few $1,000.


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