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We Got No Bed Bugs Says Department of Labor

A bug was found in the 13-story building of Department of Labor in Trenton. Employees and union representatives believe that the insect discovered was a bed bug. However, the state denies the presumed infestation. Spokesman of the Department of Labor, Brian Murray, stated that no bed bug was found in the building. The examination conducted […]

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Bed Bug Exterminator Price

Choosing among bed bug exterminators should be taken seriously because I’m sure just like any homeowner, you don’t want to pay for a service that is not worth your hard-earned money. Choose an experienced company that understands the best way in eliminating pests. Most exterminators use several various methods of eradicating bugs and yes it […]

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Cost To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

I’m going to be perfectly honest with y’all. I meet so many people getting price raped over a bed bug problem. So today I’m going to give you a breakdown of cost. I know just about every method to date and will attempt to break it down for you. The chemicals In the professional extermination […]

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Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Yourself

Although a licensed pest control operator will probably perform these tasks more effectively, safely and legally, they can be expensive, especially for a whole house. If you want to do it yourself, these steps to getting rid of bed bugs will help you: For more information on get rid of bed bugs yourself click here

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