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Bed Bugs Joined a Sterling Inn Birthday Celebration

Widespread as they are, bed bugs can show themselves at any given time. And unfortunately, that can include any occasion. Take, for example, what happened to Cherron Jackson who found the blood-sucking pests while celebrating a birthday with her children. Particularly, Jackson’s discovery of the bed bugs happened in Sterling Heights at the Best Western […]

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Bed Bug Bites Resulted to Senior’s Hospitalization

Bed bug bites are not known to transfer diseases. Despite that, a senior woman in Jefforsonville, Indiana was hospitalized because of them. The scratching following the biting was presumed the cause of the hospitalization. The victim is an 81-year-old resident of Claysburg Towers in Jeffersonville. According to her sister Mary Hanley, the victim’s back is […]

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Senior Tenant Warned of Eviction for Talking About Bed Bugs With Fellows

Bed bugs do not spare even the elders. In Lancaster Ohio, the small blood-sucking pests invaded a government-subsidized apartment for the senior citizens. The worse though is that one tenant was threatened of eviction for talking about the infestation. Seton Lancaster senior housing was first attacked by bed bugs last September. The infestation was at […]

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Family Vacation Gone Wrong, No Thanks to Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are good at causing problems. In fact, problems are probably all that they can bring. And no thanks to them, the Stephenson family’s New Year vacation had been mixed with great hassle and irritation. According to the report, the family visited Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and stayed at the Hampton Inn. In […]

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Charity Event Launched for Bed Bug Victims in Need

The holiday season offers us a time of merriment. Unfortunately, bed bugs also increase in number during this time of the year. And because they infest in random, anybody could suffer from their presence including even those who can’t afford bed bug treatments. To provide them some relief, a charity event was launched by Bed […]

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Bed Bugs in a Plane?

Have you watched the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’? Quite disturbing especially if you are to fly soon, right? Well, if just imagining yourself getting stuck in a plane full of snakes gets you scared, what would you feel if the snakes are to be replaced by blood-sucking pests- bed bugs? If you will feel […]

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Bed Bug Spotted in Ohio High School

Recently, bed bugs got the hots for schools. The latest that they appeared on is in Springfield High School in Ohio. However, due to immediate actions, it’s said that the pests were not able to spread. According to Clark County, a bed bug was specifically seen on a student’s backpack. The classroom where the spotting […]

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Bed Bugs Get Bookish in Taylor Library

Just about any place can now become bed bugs’ hiding and breeding spot. And if you think libraries are excluded, think again as one in Michigan was closed down because of the pests’ presence. The Taylor library in Michigan was forced to shut down last October 25 due to bed bugs. Approximately 100 of the […]

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