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Bed Bugs in a Plane?

Have you watched the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’? Quite disturbing especially if you are to fly soon, right? Well, if just imagining yourself getting stuck in a plane full of snakes gets you scared, what would you feel if the snakes are to be replaced by blood-sucking pests- bed bugs?

If you will feel afraid, annoyed and irritated, well, you could be sharing the same feelings with Particia Sweeney. According to one consumer website, Patricia claims that during her Delta flight from Atlanta to New York, she was bitten several times by bed bugs. The bed bug bites then showed up before her connecting to flight to Ireland.

When Patricia then told a flight crew about her experience, the attendants then asked her to either leave the flight and get treatment or move at the back of the plane. The seat at the back of the plane though is a downgrade to what she paid for.

After reviewing Patricia’s case though and after bed bug presence in the plane was not confirmed, Delta’s insurance company offered her $500 goodwill for her medical bills. In addition, she was given $200 voucher as a refund to her downgraded seating.

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Planning to get some shut eye on your next long flight? Don’t let the bedbugs bite! Consumer website at Patricia Sweeney, a passenger on a Delta flight from Atlanta to New York, claims she was bitten by insects multiple times during her trip. She also alleges that after informing the new flight crew of her bites on a connecting Delta flight to Ireland, the flight attendants told her to either leave the flight and get medical treatment or be moved to the back of the plane (despite the fact that Sweeney had paid extra for an economy comfort class seat).

Since Sweeney’s bug bites occurred before her second flight, and were not connected to her seat on the new flight, why would the crew ask her to move to the back of the plane? One theory: Perhaps they wanted to keep any potential infestation confined to the poor schlubs in coach instead of potentially infecting the higher-paying passengers toward the front of the plane. All we have at this point are theories, because the airline is not commenting on its crew’s decision to move Sweeney.


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The increase in domestic and international travels is one of the major reasons of bed bugs’ fast and wide spreading. And because of that, indeed, it is possible for planes to contain bed bugs.

However, becoming the next bed bug victim can be always prevented. Always carrying a handy bed bug killer with you is one step you can take. And to really make sure that you haven’t brought the pests back to your home, an inspection must be implemented with a bed bug killer just within your reach. That will enable you to do an immediate bed bug treatment.

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