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Bed Bug Spotted in Ohio High School

Recently, bed bugs got the hots for schools. The latest that they appeared on is in Springfield High School in Ohio. However, due to immediate actions, it’s said that the pests were not able to spread.

According to Clark County, a bed bug was specifically seen on a student’s backpack. The classroom where the spotting took place was then cleaned. Additionally, letters were sent out to parents and the school said that it is to educate them and not to alarm them.

County Commissioner Charles Patterson said that they now receive more and more bed bug reports from schools and other facilities. The pests had also become a serious concern in the county and they are not going to ignore it added the high school’s superintendent.

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Clark County officials said Tuseday that they acted swiftly last week when a bed bug was spotted on a student’s backpack.

Charles Patterson, commissioner of the Clark County Combined Health District, said that the Springfield high School classroom was cleaned and the problem did not spread.

“We are getting more and more calls from institutions as in schools, MRDD facilities and workplaces saying oh no we see a bed bug what do we do. We’re getting it from doctor’s offices and hospitals,” Patterson said.

Springfield Schools Superintendent David Estrop said beg bugs are a big issue in the county.


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