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Bed Bugs Get Bookish in Taylor Library

Just about any place can now become bed bugs’ hiding and breeding spot. And if you think libraries are excluded, think again as one in Michigan was closed down because of the pests’ presence.

The Taylor library in Michigan was forced to shut down last October 25 due to bed bugs. Approximately 100 of the blood-sucking pests were found in its computer lab. Specifically, the bed bugs were discovered in a seat when a library patron was bitten.

Although the crawlers were found in just one area, the whole building was closed down until Tuesday the following week. And after a bed bug treatment, a bed-bug-sniffing-dog was brought in the building to check for any bed bug left.

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City officials don’t know how they get there or who brought them in, but approximately 100 bedbugs, discovered by a patron Friday, were the reason the Taylor Public Library remained closed early Monday.

“They were contained to one room,” said Guido Ulin, general foreman for Parks and Recreation for the city.

A patron found some of the squat-bodied pests in seats of the computer lab and alerted the staff.

The library was immediately closed, an exterminator called in and the cleaning begun.

On Monday morning, a 4-year-old bedbug-sniffing Beagle named Odie was brought in to ferret out any possible remaining bedbugs, and by Monday afternoon, the 25,000-square foot library re-opened. “We took all the measures to make sure we didn’t have any more,” said Ulin of the $900 treatment that occurred over the weekend. “We really wanted to be cautious and do it for the safety of our patrons.”


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