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Public School 361 Under Bed Bug Attack…For the 31st Time

To be infested by bed bugs just once can already cause you so much trouble. Now, imagine going through it 31 times? Do you think you can handle it? Well, a public school in Brooklyn did. But at what cost?

Just last month, Public School 361 in Flatbush, Brooklyn had been attacked by bed bugs for the 31st time. The New York Daily News reported last Wednesday that the school sent a letter to parents informing them of the situation. In the letter is an included warning that bed bug bites are painless in the beginning but could later become itchy and swollen.

Apart from getting the parents bugged, the letter also got them itchy for answers. A number of them had openly expressed fear not only for their children but also of the fact that the crawlers might find their way to their houses.

To settle the issue, the Department of Education, though it believes it is unlikely for bed bugs to spread in schools, said it will conduct an inspection. And if infestation is confirmed, it will hire bed bug exterminators to treat the area affected.

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A Flatbush public school’s latest rash of bedbugs is the 31st time the school has dealt with the pesky insects in a year, the Daily News has learned.

Officials at Public School 361 sent a letter home to parents on Oct. 31, telling them that once again, the unwanted crawlers had been found in a classroom – the 31st incident since last October.

“It’s terrible,” said Darlene Rice, 45, whose son Jared is in the first grade at the Newkirk Ave. school. “We’ve been hearing about it for over a year. They should be exterminating the whole building.”

The letter warned parents that bites from the blood-sucking bugs are “initially painless” but could become swollen and itch.


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