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We Got No Bed Bugs Says Department of Labor

A bug was found in the 13-story building of Department of Labor in Trenton. Employees and union representatives believe that the insect discovered was a bed bug. However, the state denies the presumed infestation.

Spokesman of the Department of Labor, Brian Murray, stated that no bed bug was found in the building. The examination conducted by the Department of Health ruled out that the pest was bed bug, he added. Nonetheless, the department still implemented a bed bug assessment for several days to make sure that there is no infestation.

Still employees and representatives are not convinced. They claim that no exterminators were brought to deal with the problem. Thus, they continue to complain about the pests’ presence.

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No bedbugs have been found in a state building that workers alleged was infested two weeks ago, a state official said Monday.

Employees and union representatives at the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development building on John Fitch Plaza believed bedbugs infiltrated the 13-story building after a dead bug was found Oct. 5.

At the time, Cathy Forlines, a claims examiner and shop steward for CWA local 1038, said no exterminators had been brought in to kill or find the tiny parasites.


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Bed bugs can infest any place. Even though they can’t be seen, they can still be present. Thus, the Department of Labor must continue to implement a bed bug assessment.

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