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Mom, Toddler and Baby Bitten by Bed Bugs at Greensboro Housing

A legion of bed bugs swarmed the house of Lawanda Johnson of Smith Homes. Her two kids – 8 months and two years old – were also feasted by the creepy crawlers!

The bed bugs were found living inside the beds of the poor kids. Marks of bed bug bites are visible on both the baby and the toddler. The two-storey house which is run by Greensboro’s Public Housing Authority has been like a hell according to Lawanda. It is very difficult for her to kill bed bugs without the help of a real effective bed bug killer.

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Greensboro, NC — Think you have a pest problem? One woman and her two small children have been living with bedbugs for a month and a half now.

Hundreds of bedbugs are all over Lawanda Johnson’s two story home. They live inside her two small children’s beds.

Johnson lives in Smith Homes, which is run by Greensboro’s Public Housing Authority.

Bite marks show on two year old Jamarie’s arms and eight month old Shia’s feet.

Johnson took her kids for treatment for the third time since the bedbugs entered her home, and she has to miss another day of work.


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Johnson is planning to file a complaint against the housing authority because of being irresponsive to her bed bug problems. If Johnson could prove to the landlord that the infestation has been there even before they occupied the house, the landlord could be facing a suit and could be paying compensation for the damages.

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  1. Pest Control March 22, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    that’s horrible, i can’t believe the housing authority has been so uncooperative!

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