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Bed Bugs Joined a Sterling Inn Birthday Celebration

Widespread as they are, bed bugs can show themselves at any given time. And unfortunately, that can include any occasion. Take, for example, what happened to Cherron Jackson who found the blood-sucking pests while celebrating a birthday with her children.

Particularly, Jackson’s discovery of the bed bugs happened in Sterling Heights at the Best Western Plus Sterling Inn. She said she was out with her two sons at the indoor park and got a bed bug surprise when she returned to her room.

After reporting the sighting of the pests, Jackson was refunded. She also received a credit at the Hotel’s restaurant. Victor Martin, the hotel manager, said that the affected room will be treated by a professional. Probably, to alleviate the damage to the hotel’s name, he added that bed bugs are an industry-wide problem and that the treatment will solve the problem.

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A woman celebrating a birthday with her children at the Best Western Plus Sterling Inn in Sterling Heights over the weekend got an unexpected surprise when, she says, she found bed bugs in her room.

Cherron Jackson said she and her sons were playing at the indoor water park and found the bed begs when she returned to the room.

Jackson said she reported the bugs to the manager.

Victor Martin, with the Sterling Inn, said the guest has received a refund for the room and a credit at the hotel’s restaurant.


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