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Senior Tenant Warned of Eviction for Talking About Bed Bugs With Fellows

Bed bugs do not spare even the elders. In Lancaster Ohio, the small blood-sucking pests invaded a government-subsidized apartment for the senior citizens. The worse though is that one tenant was threatened of eviction for talking about the infestation.

Seton Lancaster senior housing was first attacked by bed bugs last September. The infestation was at a third-floor unit. According to some residents though, it was the only one treated although the pests already spread to the lower levels. They stated, the property manager mishandled the bed bug outbreak.

However, BRC Properties Inc, the company managing the apartment complex, denied the claim that they mishandled the bed bug problem. In a letter last month, it asked one of the residents, 73-year-old Dottie Shumway, to stop talking about how they handled the situation or risk being evicted.

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Some residents of a government-subsidized apartment building for senior citizens say the property manager has mishandled a bedbug outbreak and threatened to evict anyone who talks about the infestation.

Bedbugs were first detected in September in a third-floor apartment, but only that apartment was treated at the time, and the bugs spread to apartments on the lower floors, said residents Dottie Shumway and Mary Lang.

Lang, 74, sobbed as she talked about the bedbugs in her apartment. “I found one crawling on me,” she said.


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