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Family Vacation Gone Wrong, No Thanks to Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are good at causing problems. In fact, problems are probably all that they can bring. And no thanks to them, the Stephenson family’s New Year vacation had been mixed with great hassle and irritation.

According to the report, the family visited Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and stayed at the Hampton Inn. In their hotel room, they found dozens of bugs they believe are bed bugs. Patriarch George said that he found bed bugs in the bathroom counter while he was brushing his teeth.

To get away from the pests, George said that they changed room. However, he made sure to inspect the new room first before moving his family’s luggage. Unfortunately, more of the bugs are found. And so after the third try to relocate, management asked him and his family to leave. The Hilton Corporation then reimbursed him and transferred them to another property.

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One North Carolina family visiting Myrtle Beach for New Year’s say they found unwanted guests in their hotel room.

“I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and I notice there are bugs on the counter,” says George Stephenson. George and his family found dozens of what they believe to be bed bugs in their hotel room at the Hampton Inn at Broadway at the Beach. George says they changed rooms, but found more of the same.

“I went up to inspect it before I moved my entire family’s luggage,” Stephenson says. “As soon as I walked into the doorframe I saw bugs.”


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Bed bugs are using their size to a great advantage. They use it to hitchhike unnoticed. And needless to say, that makes them a danger to traveling.

To get way from the vampire-like pests, there are a number of bedbug-free travel measures that you must implement. But small as bed bugs are, you can never be 100% sure that you or someone else will not bring them home. Hence, a thorough home bed bug inspection must always be performed.

Additionally, to prevent a major bed bug infestation, a bed bug killer must always be prepared. And to make that process safe, it’s best to purchase Bed Bug Bully, the green bed bug spray.

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