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Charity Event Launched for Bed Bug Victims in Need

The holiday season offers us a time of merriment. Unfortunately, bed bugs also increase in number during this time of the year. And because they infest in random, anybody could suffer from their presence including even those who can’t afford bed bug treatments. To provide them some relief, a charity event was launched by Bed Bug Central in cooperation with other companies.

The said event named ‘Taking the Bite out of the Holidays’ aims to help the people in need to get effective bed bug services. Created by Jeff White, the charity will continue as an annual event after its success.

Together with eight other pest management firms, the event offers various kinds of free bed bug treatments for homeowners, elderly, homeless shelters and other non-profit organizations. Examples of those are installing insect interceptors, applying heat treatments and giving of mattress encasements.

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This holiday season Bed Bug Central partnered with eight pest management firms from across the United States to donate bed bug treatment services to those in need through, Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays, their annual holiday charity.

Taking the Bite out of the Holidays, was created by technical director, Jeff White of Bed Bug Central, a free information resource to the public and pest professional concerning bed bugs and bed bug related issues and treatment methods.

White created the holiday charity after seeing first-hand how difficult it can be for non-profits and individuals in need to obtain effective bed bug services.


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Bed bugs are not picky with what to infest and who to negatively affect. And it’s good to know that bed bug sufferers in need can still get affective bed bug treatment with the help of a charity event.

However, the said event only takes place in New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. And that means that not all victims can be given help. If you are one of those who just can’t get some aid with your bed bug problem, why not try using Bed Bug Bully, the green bed bug spray.

Made of 100 percent green ingredients, it can offer you an effective and safe way to kill bed bugs. In addition, it is a bed bug spray that will not cost you a fortune.

Make your holiday bed bug free. Kill bed bugs effectively and safely with Bed Bug Bully.

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