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It’s the 4th Bed Bug Incident for Hamilton Avenue School!

Bed bugs are continuing their raid on schools across the country. The latest to where they had been spotted is in Hamilton Avenue School in Connecticut. And as confirmed by the officials, it’s the fourth time that a bed bug was seen in the school.

The first bed bug incident in Hamilton Ave School happened last October 27. The single blood-sucking pest was said found dead. The second spotting was last December 2 when another bed bug was discovered in a student’s backpack. Seven days later, another alive bed bug was found on the same student. And for the fourth time last December 14, yet another alive bed bug was caught in one of the school’s classroom. It hasn’t been determined though if the bug came from the same student.

However, despite the four sightings of the pests, it was denied that the campus is infested. It was all isolated incidents as said by the school’s spokesperson Kim Eves. Bed bug treatment also followed each incident, she added.

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Officials have found bedbugs at Hamilton Avenue School on three occasions since a dead bedbug was discovered at the elementary school in October, the district confirmed Tuesday.

Greenwich Public Schools spokeswoman Kim Eves said school officials found a single bedbug on three separate occasions earlier this month. Two of the bedbugs were alive, she said.

The discoveries came more than a month after officials found a dead bedbug at the school Oct. 27. Now, as then, exterminators have not found evidence of a widespread problem, Eves said.

“The building is not infested,” Eves said. “We had the four isolated incidents.”


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