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Muncie Housing Authority Delays Bed Bug Treatment Tenant Claims

Bed bugs have reached the Southern Pines public housing in Muncie Indiana. However, the public housing authority seems to be ignoring the residents’ bed bug problem said one tenant. Officials of the Muncie housing though is denying the allegations.

According to the tenant, a fellow resident in the housing was bitten by bed bugs with her children. She said that the maintenance discovered a bed bug infestation in the couch’s back and threw it. It had been two weeks since then but it’s also said that the couch is still in the dumpster. The woman where the infestation was found was also asked to pay for the exterminator she added.

When asked about it though, the chief executive officer of the housing authority, Guillermo Rodriguez said that they did not ask the tenant to pay for extermination of the pests. He added that two bed bug exterminators had also been contacted to conduct a treatment either with use of pesticides or heat.

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The Muncie Housing Authority acknowledges bed bugs have infested one apartment at its Southern Pines public housing community but denies it is ignoring the problem.

A tenant alleged during an interview with The Star Press that a fellow tenant and her children have been bitten; that a bed-bug-infested couch has been sitting near a Dumpster for two weeks, and that the housing authority told the tenant whose apartment was infested that she would have to pay for an exterminator.

“Maintenance realizes there are bed bugs in the couch because they cut it open and there were hundreds in there, but they are just leaving the couch out there,” the tenant said in an interview this past Thursday afternoon. “They told her she would have to pay for the exterminator herself and pay to have the couch hauled away.”


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Bed bugs travel and spread fast. With that said, it is a no-no to ignore bed bug presence for a day or even just for hours. This could only lead to more bed bug problems.

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